At GreenSquare, we commit ourselves to our customers. To this end, we offer our best services with close and professional treatment.

If your activity is the recovery...

If your company is engaged in the recovery and manages large amounts of waste, GreenSquare can offer you the services you need.

  • We provide advice and improve the management of your waste
  • We are looking for countries with more demand for raw materials
  • We are looking for the best applications for these raw materials
  • We strive to find a greater enhancement of their products
  • Open step towards industrial textiles sectors, agicolas, automotive, etc.
  • Greater diversification of applications = More valuation

If your activity is industrial...

For industrial environments or factories, GreenSquare offers you a personalised advice for the optimization of the recycling.

  • We advise you to get a good waste management
  • We transport and manage packing
  • We locate the waste in your factory
  • Our staff will advise you at any point of the country
  • We provide recycling solutions that respect the environment
  • We apply measures to achieve a further segregation